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For classes I-V Three Evaluation Cycles will be conducted over the year with two assessments conducted in each Evaluation Cycle. Continuous evaluation includes written and oral tests, projects and a variety of testing methods to assess the ability of the pupil. Parents are advised to encourage their wards to take part in all activities and submit projects on time. It is necessary that parents ensure that their wards are regular in their attendance and do not miss school on flimsy ground. Parents are advised to study the schedule given in the School Calendar before making their leave plans. A report on the performance of the student will be communicated to the parents/guardians after each evaluation cycle.


The new CBSE academic Assessment Structure effective from April 2017 would be as follows:


Class X students will have External Board Examination for 80 marks .In Classes VI –X the same system of

three periodic tests before the final exams will be implemented.


1. Scholastic Areas

Students of class VI to X would have First periodic (Unit Test-1), Half yearly, Second periodic (Unit Test - 2 and Final Exam. Subject enrichment activities assessing all skills would be conducted for each subject, twice a year.

Notebook completion and submission would form an important part of academic assessment.


2. Co Scholastic Areas

In addition to this, Work education, Physical education , Art activities would be conducted and graded on a five point scale. Students will also be graded on Discipline on a five point scale.



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